About Webgeek

We're a friendly crew of web experts

Webgeek has been running out of Punjab, India since 2013. Prior to that, we worked for years as web experts where we have no one to complain about but ourselves.

Webgeek is serving in the area of web design, development and known to provide many other related services. We're the Indian experts and your best friends from the world's most friendly country India.

We serve all type of business categories with our analytical, design, development, and search marketing skills as we're well experienced in web designing, development, and search marketing, where we provide solutions to the requirements. Whether a business requires a small or large scale e-commerce based solution. We play a big role in technology consulting website design and development, software development,  UI design, UI development, E-commerce, content management system, open-source technologies like Wordpress customization and search marketing, etc.

Apart from these, we're experts in implementing responsive design structure, which is all device compatible for mobiles, iPhone, iPad and on all other screens.

Our Team

Our team is very passionate and skilled in managing assigned todo's. We've good experience in analyzing user and business requirements and our dedicated team has the potential to meet the requirements. Because of our expertize, we are a contractor to many US-based agencies and work as a backend team to get all the work done in a quick and professional approach to give our customers complete satisfaction. We work together as one team on with them and this also helps us to create a continuous learning curve and helped us to make a better team. Our team of experts is very comfortable to coordinate to understand and handle the client requirements. We are confident, hard-working and devoted to work. We have the motivation to take initiative on tasks and to see them through to completion. We successfully lead team projects and ensured important deadlines are met. Our excellent communication skills, natural leadership qualities and deep knowledge in the principles of programming are the most valuable assets.


Webgeek team is always available to work for B to B and B to C and our vision is to build a strong and long term relationship based on trust and the best of our abilities.

The Webgeek Frontend Team

Our Teams're Cross-functional Web Development, Design and Web Marketing Professionals

We are a team of cross-functional web development, design, and web marketing professionals, who build, maintain and marketing websites.

You are welcome to refer to us as Geeks in providing web-solutions. Truth is, all we answer to just about anything you query.

Ritesh Duggal

Work Partner, Business Analyst, Australia

Work Partner, Business Analyst, Australia

Years of experience in Prosal Writing after understanding the client's requirements and streamline the processes.

Specialties: Proposal-writing, Giving Hard Quotes, Managing Teams, Making Strategies, Client Discussions

Deepak Mahendru

Managing Director, Web Development & Design Expert

Owner of Webgeek, India.

MD since the acquisition of the company in 2013.

11 years of experience in web dev, design & Managing. Have managed Coders, PMs, AMs, Copywriters, Graphic Artists for the past many years.

Specialties: Streamlining Processes, Teams/Operations Management, R&D Expert, Analyzing, Making Strategies, Prototyping, Product Mgt, Writing Code, Designing & Editing

Neeraj Duggal

Work Partner, Business Analyst, Australia

Work Partner, Business Analyst, Australia

Years of experience in Analyzing and bringing the business inn

Specialties: Lead Capture & Lead Management, Taking Client Requirements, Giving Hard Quotes, Client Discussions, Streamlining Processes

Best Quotes In the Industry Guarantee

We here at Webgeek India quotes best in the industry and we stand by what we say. We are able to do this because we take the time to analyze what exactly needs to be done and how it will be achieved before we begin a project.


Have a project you’re interested in discussing with us?

Have a project you’re interested in discussing with us?